Rule change

Your principal has asked students to suggest a school rule that should be changed. Think of one rule that you would like to have changed. Write a letter convincing your principal that this rule should be changed. Be sure to support your opinion with convincing reasons and evidence.

Complete thoughts are required.  Posts with “i” (lowercase) in them will automatically be deleted.




Who would you pick?

If I wanted to invite a celebrity speaker to our school. Think about the celebrity you would choose to have speak; then, write a letter/paragraph (minimum 5 sentences or I won’t publish your response) to persuade me to invite this person. Be sure to include convincing reasons and details to support your choice.




















So the much anticipated movie finally came out! Tell me about your day out to the movies. Did you go with a group of friends….your family? 

Also, tell me about the movie.  What was it about (try not to give too much away)?  What was your favorite part?  What were the best songs or dances.

I want to hear all about it.

So I bought a Wii……

OK, I bought the Wii and it came with a game which is fun.  However, I need to know now what games I need.  I have done some research and I am seeing Mario Kart, Wii Playground, M & M Go Carts.  I need to know why you would think my children and myself would enjoy these games.  No lower case “i’s” if you want your comment published 🙂 . More than 3 sentences is also a must.  Thanks for your help… haven’t lead me wrong so far.

Mr. Dudley


 Did you watch the VMA awards?  What was your favorite performance?  Did you agree with all of the award winners? Best Video, Song of the Year, etc?  Convince me of your arguments for and against.  Fewer than 4 sentences will not get you posted on this one.  I’ve got a feeling this will be a popular one.  Enjoy! 

Mr. Dudley

The Good Ole’ Days

What was your favorite cartoon when you were younger?  Ever heard of Huckleberry Hound or Snagglepuss?  Well, they were my favorites!  Everyday on Channel 4-WTTV.  Tell me all about your character.  Are they a human or an animal?  Maybe a superhero??? Did they have a catch phrase?  Snagglepuss would always say, “Exit stage left” and do exactly what he is doing in the picture below.  Ask your parents about them.  Isn’t it fun to reminisce? 🙂



Xbox vs. PS3 vs. Wii

Hey YMS!  I need some advice.  I am going to buy one of these systems for my sons.  I need to know which gaming system is tops on your list.  I need specifics.  Graphics, availability of games, cost of system and games, cool accessories, etc.  Remember…. good grammar if you want to be posted. 🙂

Thanks for the info!

Mr. Dudley

Trading Places

If you could trade places with ANY athlete in the world, who would it be?  Tiger Woods, Jenny Finch, Derek Jeter, Michael Phelps????  Tell me who it would be and how you would use your fame and fortune to make the world a better place.  Remember, it can be any athlete you choose.

I want complete thoughts and sentences.  No text messaging language allowed here. 🙂

Click on the title, “Trading Places”, above to leave your post.

 Mr. Dudley



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