The Road Ahead or The Road Behind

The Road Ahead or The Road Behind
by George Joseph Moriarty

Sometimes I think the Fates must
Grin as we denounce and insist
The only reason we can’t win
Is the Fates themselves that miss

Yet there lives on an ancient claim
We win or lose within ourselves
The shining trophies on our shelves
Can never win tomorrow’s game
You and I know deeper down
There’s always a chance to win the crown

But when we fail to give our best
We simply haven’t met the test
Of giving all, and saving none
Until the game is really won

Of showing what is meant by grit
Of fighting on when others quit
Of playing through, not letting up
It’s bearing down that wins the cup
Of taking it and taking more
Until we gain the winning score

Of dreaming there’s a goal ahead
Of hoping when our dreams are dead
Of praying when our hopes have fled
Yet losing, not afraid to fall
If bravely, we have given all

For who can ask more of a man
Than giving all within his span
Giving all, it seems to me
Is not so far from victory

And so the Fates are seldom wrong
No matter how they twist and wind
It is you and I who make our fates
We open up or close the gates
On the road ahead or the road behind.

I have a middle schooler!

I have had many things lately that have been “eyeopeners” to the fact that I am progressing into the 2nd half of my career. The gray hairs, hiring former students as teachers, realizing there are only a few people left at YMS that were here before me are all reminders that I am not “the new kid” anymore. However, the thing that really struck a chord with me recently was during our registration. I saw all the bright eyed, anxious, smiling 6th graders. All of them ready for middle school, many nervous about lockers and finding classes, and even more mother’s nervous about their “babies” going off to middle school. All of a sudden it hit me! My son Nolan is a 6th grader!

I can remember back to one of my first years as a classroom teacher, I had a discipline issue with a student that required a phone call home to the parent. As we discussed the issues and behaviors the parent asked me, “Do you have children of your own?” At the time I did not have children. The parent explained to me that when I did I would understand more, etc, etc. I dismissed it and thought the parent to be making excuses for the child, and in a passive-aggressive sort of way undermining my authority. It wasn’t a combative conversation, but for some reason always stayed fresh in my mind.

Now years later, after having children of my own I understand what this parent was meaning. It wasn’t that the parent disagreed with the disciplinary action that I was taking against their child, but they understood that in the grand scheme of things you learn to pick and choose your battles. We have a wide array of teachers in our building who do and do not have children. They are all wonderful teachers and have the best interests of children daily. However, having children, especially a child in middle school, does provide a worldly perspective that has definitely changed the lens through which I view this age group.

Inspiration + Colts + ISTEP= Awesome

Mark your calendars! Get ready for a sensational event at Yorktown Middle School! Come rock ISTEP with the Tigers and get Tiger Strong with Colts Cheerleaders and Colts Motivational Speaker: Josh Bleill!

On February 26th, Yorktown Middle School will host author and Colts spokesperson Joshua Bleill. The event will begin at 12:50PM in the Yorktown Middle School gym. Before listening to Mr. Bleill, students will buy raffle tickets to win a chance to meet a Colts cheerleader and receive a signed, autographed picture! Parents/Community members may meet a Colts Cheerleader and receive a signed, autographed picture as time permits.

Book information:
One Step at a Time: A Young Marine’s Story of Courage, Hope, and a New Life in the NFL follows his journey from his enlistment then on to active duty in Fallujah, through two years of rehab, and ultimately to his job as the community spokesman for the Indianapolis Colts. Readers will be inspired by his undying enthusiasm, infectious joy, and sense of humor. Everyone has had that “one bad day”. Josh discovered that life begins when we embrace our bad days and keep going forward, one step at a time.

The cost for your autographed copy of the book is $20.00. All books must be pre-ordered by February 1st. Please send your $20.00 check made to Yorktown Middle School and order your book today. If you have questions, contact Amy Heath at or Emily Karas at
Link to order form: joshbleillorderformrevised


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