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Math Homework Scratch Paper Organizer

Nothing fancy or “techy” on this post. The “old timers” way of staying organized when doing your math homework. Very improtant to stay organized so you know where you are within the problem and also keep problems and “work shown” from spreading all over the paper! Print and use the attachments below.

Math Practice Set Sheet

Math Practice Set Sheet - p2

Exit Slips- RISE

The following can address RISE 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 for teachers. I know some of you already use exit slips as part of your assessment of students. I hope this can be of use for you.

Questions to Consider:
How does Mr. Crandall use exit tickets to help plan future lessons?

How does Mr. Crandall ensure that exit tickets are a low-stress assessment?

What might you assess using exit tickets?

Teen Driving…for or against?

Questions to Consider

1.How do students learn to select useful textual evidence?
2. How do collaborative discussions push students’ thinking?
3. Why does Mr. Paris say that the Common Core simplifies life?

Common Core Standards ELA.RI.8.1, ELA.SL.8.1a, ELA.SL.8.1d

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